Tips for Selecting the Best Alpacas!

If you are considering starting to breed alpacas or improve an existing herd, I would recommend purchasing the book, The Art & Science of Alpaca Judging before you make your first/next alpaca purchase. If you follow my recommendation, you will not be sorry! The book will assist you in making accurate assessments and sound decisions when selecting alpacas to purchase. This book is 197 pages of invaluable information with over 300 photographs and illustrations.

The book was begun when I was serving for 3 ½ years on the Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association (AOBA) Judge Training and Certification Committee. The book was written by four of the highest respected Sr. and Certified Judges in AOBA over a five year period. I am excited about this book because it compiles the knowledge of our industry experts and provides information to not only those who are aspiring to be alpaca judges but also to the masses.

According to AOBA “This incredible book (released in the fall of 2011) explains the intricate components involved in halter and fleece judging in a manner that every alpaca breeder and enthusiast will understand and find beneficial. It embraces the true essence of what every breeder should know in order to show alpacas or fleeces, or to acquire information necessary to improve their herd. The book is truly the first of its kind in the global alpaca community.”

You may purchase the book at I am available to answer any questions you have and also enjoy mentoring those who want to raise alpacas.

Call me today! I’d love to have you come and visit our farm and see how we have applied the principles in this book to the development of quality alpacas. I have a copy of the above book for you to be able to review.